Why did you decide to take part in this show?

All my friends were settling down around me, all got kids and all quite far down the  line in terms of their relationship status and I have been single for a while. I’ve been  on a handful of first dates this year and nothing has really excited me and there were  no real prospects. So the thought of meeting 100 guys sourced from all over the  country, I thought why not!

It’s an unusual way to meet someone, why did you think this way would work for you?

I thought going on this show would work because it’s something I would never have done in my normal everyday life. It’s not everyday you would meet a variety of guys from all over the country. Normally in the past I have met someone and have thought we have a laugh let’s go for a drink, but here I have had the opportunity to choose what qualities I like in the guys though questioning and interviewing them. It’s a bizarre situation but it’s been great.

How long have you been single?

I’ve been single since November last year and my last relationship was 15 months.

Are you the kind of person who would chat someone up in a bar?

I would never approach a guy and chat him up, especially not in a bar. Its weird really because I get chatting to guys on the train or in work but I never get that hidden agenda that I would ask him out. I just would never think anymore than I am just having a conversation with this guy so I just never would ask him out.”

What are you looking for in your ideal man?

I need someone, first and foremost, who I can have a laugh with. I do like to have a bit of fun as I do have a bit of a silly side so I need someone to accept me for that. I also like someone who’s intelligent, who’s got a good job, stable career, driven, ambitious and I like someone’s who’s genuine and honest, knows what he wants from a relationship and can talk to me about that.

Describe yourself in three words?

Fun, driven and caring.

What are your hobbies?

I absolutely love going out for a drinks, cocktails and food. I absolutely love going out for meals with the girls. I’m quite sporty and play netbalI for my law firm and also NTSG in Manchester.

What has been your worst date?

I haven’t had any bad experiences. I have not been stood up but there was one date I recall that slightly annoyed me a bit. I met a guy straight from work and we just went for a bite to eat but he just looked really scruffy. During the meal I felt like I was chewing his ear off, he was just quiet and I didn’t bother again after that.

Do you have any funny dating stories?

I went for a first date with a guy and we went to a really lovely Thai restaurant and I had my expensive shoes on, which I had only worn twice. As I walked out of the restaurant the heel snapped! I did see him again but we called it a day as he was on a different page to me, thankfully it wasn’t because of the shoes!”

What would be your ideal date?

I quite like to be in a loud buzzing environment and where you are bouncing off what’s going on around you, it helps prevent any awkwardness. I would quite like to go to a theme park, even if it’s just the two of us, just go have fun and if it goes well then head for some drinks.

If you could date a celebrity who would that be?

Mine would be Ashley Banjo from Diversity. He is just so talented and intelligent. I love him when he has just got a cap on with a baggy basket ball shirts and his trainers and he is just a bit sweaty.”

Do you have a particular type?

In terms of looks no I don’t. If you lined up all the blokes I have been on dates with they would all be totally different looking. In terms of their substance I think I do have a type. I like someone who knows what they want from life. I cannot stand lazy people.


  1. Olly Keenan says:

    Hey Laura, just wanted to say that i think you’re one of the prettiest girls i’ve seen, you look so amazing and you seem dead nice and lovely. Good Luck with your (: Olly

  2. Olly Keenan says:

    Hey Laura, just wanted to say that i think you’re one of the prettiest girls i’ve seen, you look so amazing and you seem dead nice and lovely. Good Luck with your dates (: Olly x

  3. Damian says:

    Hi Laura are you On Face Book Iam a Big Fan of Yours and Girlfri3nds and you are very nice looking and seem a Very Nice Girl

  4. briony says:

    hi laura i think ur stunning and u did well ,well done xx